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Welcome to Our team launched this site with the mission of providing the gaming content you want in formats that are easy to enjoy. Think of the site as a gaming channel built from the ground up with the Internet in mind and broadcasting across a wide range of mediums.

The Broadcast Gaming Team

Our team is large and diverse. Unlike the traditional online gaming website that releases several new content pieces each day, our goal is to deliver many hours of content. That requires a big team. It also demands a wide range of gaming interests. Our team comprises game journalists with a lot of different experiences, professional gamers who’ve made their own names and hardware specialists who can provide the information you need about building gaming PCs and the latest video cards.

Our Live Streams

Live streams are our bread and butter, and you can watch them directly on our site. You can also enjoy them through services like Twitch, which can make it easier to access content from devices other than your PC, such as your Xbox One or a Chromecast or similar streamer. For devices like Roku, we even have our own channel planned, and you’ll be able to use that to watch live streams as well as access archived videos and podcasts. The content we create for our live streams runs the gamut. We offer previews, reviews, gameplay showcases and even community meetups where it’s us against you for all the marbles. Our team also creates TV-style shows that that focus on a particular niche, such as our hardware show, which offers regular previews and reviews of the latest in gaming equipment.

Our Videos

The focus at will always be on delivering live content, but we understand that you have real-life commitments. Sometimes you just can’t make it. All of our live shows are archived, and you can watch them at your convenience from beginning to end. Our team also creates videos that condense our live programs into smaller action-packed packages. We can’t do this for all content due to time constraints, but we focus on our most popular programs and greatest moments.

Our Podcasts

In addition to our live streams, we create podcasts. Some of our podcasts are simply the audio stripped from our live streams where it makes sense to do that, but we actually have a weekly podcast as well as podcasts for special occasions. The entire podcast archive is available online, and you can access these programs directly from our site or download them in a number of different audio formats.

The Broadcast Gaming Community

Our favorite way to communicate with our community is in the chat rooms during our live streams. We also have a Twitter feed that you can follow. Our team uses Twitter for announcements as well as banter with our subscribers. We recently launched a forums system as well, and you can use that to discuss our streams, videos and podcasts as well as just mingle with your fellow gamers.